The History

 The History of Islam in the Cape has led to a a city with a vibrant Muslim culture and community.

A Halaal Destintation

Cape Town, South Africa is one of the planet’s most breathtaking cities. Surrounded by nature,  this multicultural city, nuzzles between a rugged range of mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. From flat-topped Table Mountain down to the blue waters of Table Bay, Cape Town is simply stunning! But the city doesn’t thrive on its looks alone.

Cape Town is a proudly multicultural city, with a flourishing arts and dining scene, as well as some of South Africa’s oldest and well known historical attractions. As the oldest city in South Africa, Cape Town’s has a cultural heritage spanning more than 300 years. 

Every year thousands of Muslim travellers visit our beautiful shores, whether it be for business or leisure they look forward to a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Cape Town is promoted as a Halaal destination, which essentially means providing products and services to cater for the needs of Muslim travellers.

Centuries of trade and immigration have created a population with genetic and linguistic links to different parts of Europe, southeast Asia, India and Africa. The diverse cultural backgrounds gives the province a cosmopolitan flavour with a interesting history.

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